About Us
About Us

Outsourcing the payroll function is highly recommended nowadays to companies who needs to reduce both the risk and cost while focusing on the main core of their business.

Payroll Master Process Inc. has been in the business of providing Outsourced Payroll since 2013 with both local and multinational companies as its clients.  The company is an affiliate of Alas Oplas & Co., CPAs, a growing professional service firm in the Philippines and an Independent Member of BKR International.

Payroll Master Process Inc., takes pride in providing payroll administration and compliance to its growing number of clients through  the years. As an outsourced provider for your payroll service requirements, we will relieve your payroll related burdens so you can focus on helping your company achieve its vision and goals. We treat clients like a valued partner and we ensure that your payroll services is handled by skilled and professional individuals who will deliver your payroll needs on time, accurately and with high confidentiality as possible. Most of our long term clients are global companies with representative office or branch in the Philippines.

Our Values

Cost Effective

It is our aim to continually assess opportunities to enhance our payroll services to clients. We always look for ways to make our payroll services work more efficiently, effectively and economically.


Accuracy is the key. We will make sure to deliver your payroll needs accurately and on time to avoid mishaps between employees and the management.

HR Approach

We are committed to master our clients compensation plan and ensure that it is properly administered as per relevant local laws.

Confidentiality and control

Payroll and confidentiality go hand in hand, we treat our client’s personal and payroll details with utmost confidentiality as to protect the client’s and the company’s financial data. Our payroll system is well secured with password and can only be accessed by persons in the payroll engagement.

We also store hard copies of our payroll files for back up in case of unseen circumstances.

Client focused

We, in Payroll Master prioritize clients satisfaction, we ensure you that we will do the best that we can, to provide accurate and on time payroll reports. We will be willing to assist you if any problem or discrepancies may arise.

Our people will listen with empathy to your concerns and respond rapidly to your needs